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Jungle Heat by Sarah Mäkelä

Jungle Heat (The Amazon Chronicles, #1)Jungle Heat by Sarah Mäkelä

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JUNGLE HEAT prodded me to do a little research about the warrior women called Amazons, because I wasn't sure if the "history" mentioned in the blurb was just part of the story or based on fact. Amazons are women who are part of an all female nation and originated in Greek mythology. They are typically tall, very beautiful and excellent fighters, and the women of JUNGLE HEAT are no exception.

How does an Amazonian woman find someone to share her life with? I can imagine that it is fairly difficult since the Amazon village is hidden, making it difficult to find the women. Then, of course, there is that little built in trait of "total bad-ass" that probably intimidates most men.

When Adara, princess of the Amazons, ventures outside the confines of her village, she is greeted by a curious weretiger named Rei. He seems more intent on claiming her than attacking her. Once he makes his presence known to Adara, everything about the world she has known becomes jumbled and confused. From a very early age, she is taught that men are evil and are simply a means to an end, and that end being reproducing to insure the survival of their bloodline. Despite her misgivings, Rei is determined to teach her all the pleasures her elders have been so adamant about keeping hidden from her and the rest of the young Amazon females.

I loved Adara's naiveté even down to the most innocent of things, like kissing. I also loved that Rei entertains her "I am the future Queen so you must do as I say" attitude all while smirking and poking a little fun at her Highness. Rei and Adara are a great match. Only a man like Rei in a powerful body possessing a sharp mind would be worthy of Princess Adara and though he has "chosen" her as his mate, he enjoys keeping her a little emotionally off kilter.

JUNGLE HEAT was like a quick escape to a secret world. It was exciting and a little different from the typical shifter story. The sexy weretiger was a nice change... there really should be more tiger shifters in the paranormal world, they have a lot of love to give.

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