Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mile High Airship Club by Nishi Serrano

Newlywed Lady Rose’s curiosity is inflamed when a mysterious airship captain shows up extending an honorary invitation for she and her husband, Lord William, to join the Mile High Airship Club. A club she has never heard mention of in polite society. Rose is excited for the trip. It will be her first time aboard an airship. However, Rose is blissfully unaware of the trials she will endure to acquire a membership in this pleasure club!

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As they were escorted across the landing where they would soon board the Seduisante—an enormous feat of New Victoria’s engineering—Rose clutched her adoring husband’s arm. Curvilinear grids and stacks gleamed in the crisp fall sunshine. Ground crews swarmed, hoisted, and shouted while working on last preparations for the lucky flight of twenty-four guests eager to board.

“Did you know it takes near ninety citizens to crew this size of an airship?” William asked.

“I can imagine. Flying in the sky they look quite tiny, like a child’s toy. It must have taken thousands of master metallurgists to create such a complex and stunning sculpture. I wonder if the world will also seem a toy shining through the clouds from so very far above it,” Rose mused.

William laughed. “Yes, my love, and we shall make it our playground.” He continued chuckling to himself. Rose contemplated his faraway look. Was he secretly pondering over her naiveté? And what lessons would she discover once aboard? Make no mistake, Rose knew William loved her with all his heart, and he often said a healthy, lasting relationship began with the basic tenants of pleasure. Damn the stifling ethics of society! Behind closed doors Rose wanted to be his goddess in training.

Eleven other couples dressed in elegance and dripping jewels waited at the foot of the gangway as they were greeted by the Chief Pilot, Lieutenant, and to Rose’s secret discomfit, Captain Harland. She was extra surprised to see her tea-time friend Katrina and her husband ahead of her in the receiving line. Rose watched as the couple approached Captain Harland and was a bit jealous as his appraising eyes twinkled at Katrina, then he bowed and winked. Katrina giggled and whispered something in her husband’s ear as they passed the captain. Rose chided her brewing anger; she was acting like a strumpet.

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