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The Line That Binds by @jmmiller_author 4 STARS

The Line That Binds (The Line That Binds #1)The Line That Binds by J.M. Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THE LINE THAT BINDS is a great YA paranormal romance novel!

Lila Wayde inherits an ancient estate in Pennsylvania from an aunt she barely knew and though she never thought she would live there, her father loses his high-paying job in Vegas and now they have no choice but to move in. She decides there is no better time than now to start over and cut out the fake friends and popularity contests. Ben lives on the Stockton estate with his grandfather and they knew and loved Lila’s aunt. They also know of the mysterious curse that follows the bloodline family at the estate and expect Lila will now suffer the same fate as her great aunt. Ben did not expect to develop feelings for the spoiled princess and when he discovers that she is very different from the girl he thought she would be, he must figure out a way to save her from the curse.

While Lila is struggling with regaining her identity and all the changes that have occurred in her life, Ben has his own set of demons and Lila entering the picture and possibly throwing his life into turmoil definitely sets him off. He resents her immediately so their relationship is a slow build, but it also makes it more believable and real.

This story has so many wonderful elements that its hard to pinpoint my favorite part. The characters and dialogue were so real to today’s teenagers, fast-paced relationships and all. The two-person point of view gave all the details I wanted and still flowed effortlessly. Paranormal always seems to be the same subjects, but the curse and the creepy well that helps the Stockton ancestor grant wishes to others while stealing their memories seemed very original.

I am hoping that the second book in the series, THE LINE THAT BREAKS, will have Lila and Ben uncovering more secrets about the well and the curse that has destroyed so many Stockton ancestors. While they barely learn anything about the history in this first book, there has to be so much more to discover before they can save Lila.

THE LINE THAT BINDS is very well written and this author totally nailed the YA romance while keeping my on my toes with the paranormal elements. The story is complex and well developed and certainly worth the read if you are into the YA genre.

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