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#REVIEW: Hey There, Delilah 4 STARS @Author_ALarge @MeganHershenson

Hey There, Delilah (A Taboo Love, #1)Hey There, Delilah by M.D. Saperstein & Andria Large
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aw, shit, he wasn’t wearing a condom with her, was he? Guess I will hit the clinic before I head home. Happy fucking birthday to me!

Well, ain’t that a bummer? Talk about a crappy birthday surprise! Walking in on your boyfriend bumping uglies with your boss – not a good birthday present by anyone’s standards!

Delilah is a bombshell, but she keeps all the goods hidden beneath a shell of ill-fitting clothing; her face is scrubbed clean and free of makeup and she lets her hair kind of does what it wants and that's not saying much.

When Delilah walks in on her boyfriend having sex with her boss she is momentarily devastated, but then promptly does what any self-respecting girl would do; she quits her job, quits her boyfriend, has herself a little pity-party and then gets her shit together and moves on with her life. Lucky for her, a new job opportunity kind of falls in her lap and it is a perfect fit for her… well, perfect if you take out the fact that her potential new boss is a womanizing man-whore who can’t keep his dick in his pants long enough for any secretary to get comfortable actually being a secretary.

Yeah, that’s right, Nick is a player, but he is also an attorney and he needs a secretary who is on top of things, can keep him organized and is totally disgustingly UGLY!
Why can’t they just send over someone educated, experienced, and completely unattractive so I can just focus on my work and not on her tits and ass?
Sounds like Delilah will be perfect for the job, but Fate, that evil bitch, has something totally different in store for Nick and Delilah.

HEY THERE, DELILAH was a fun read and I thoroughly enjoyed the humor that was ever-present throughout the book. It’s a feel good story where the “ugly duckling” finally snags her prince charming. My only beef with the book was the series title: A TABOO LOVE – I kept banging my head against the wall thinking that the series title TOTALLY doesn’t match this first book – I suppose I need to read a little less trash, because it finally dawned on me (and it’s in the blurb) that the “taboo” aspect is the boss/secretary relationship – DUH! Sooooooo, snatch it up if you are looking for a sexy romance with loads of charming and funny characters – it’s bound to be a hit!

**P.S.  I think it is hilarious that Author Saperstein is an attorney because when I first received the email about this book, it kept referring to "Saperstein & Large" and I was wondering why they were bringing in the attorneys for a book review.  LOL...  THEN I realized it was the 2 author's last names.

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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