Sunday, April 6, 2014

#Review: Risk by @rhyllbiest

RiskRisk by Rhyll Biest
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It’s no secret how much I love to read ménage books, so I was intrigued by the blurb for RISK to see how Rhyll Biest was going to make this arrangement work. I think RISK had potential, but my honest opinion is that it just wasn’t long enough. The other issue I had was with the single P.O.V. from Mike’s perspective. It felt like I had ADD being in his head, because he was so erratic in his thoughts. I truly feel if the story were longer and more developed, that it could definitely be a good read.

Mike is all about taking personal risks, but he has turned over a new leaf and is trying in vain to be what he defines as “normal.” He falls in love with Jane who he feels is more “innocent” in comparison to his seedy past. Mike and his fiancée Jane are an undeniably well matched couple, but she knows deep down that he is keeping something from her. Based on previous experience, his biggest fear is that if Jane knew his darkest desires, she’d leave him. He feels he is protecting her by keeping his unconventional kinky past hidden, but the Orlov’s do not want to let him go and seek him out in his new life in China. After Jane meets his friends Vlad and Lena at dinner (much to his dismay), she is determined to find out what exactly Mike is hiding. Once Jane sets her plans into motion, Mike realizes that she might not be so innocent after all…

I think that the moments between Jane and Mike are steamy hot, but when Vlad and Lena are involved it gets kind of awkward. The brash Lena is all of a sudden very timid, and the dominance games were… well they were odd to me, but to each their own in that regard. I will say that I was disappointed in the single scene with the two couples. I was just expecting more when they were all together, and I wanted more emotion to be involved with the Orlov’s and Mike. I felt like that aspect of the story was left lingering, and that Lena and Vlad deserved to have some say in the conclusion with Mike and Jane as well. Now I’m not even going to mention my issues with Jane and Vlad, because that made me shake my head a few times. Once the single scene involving both couples is over, we came to what I feel like was a lackluster conclusion. I really do love a good short story, but RISK left me feeling like it was incomplete. That being said, if Biest decided to do a follow up story with these couples, I’d definitely want to read what happens next as they explore the potential of their dynamics more.

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Slick said...

I really appreciate your honest opinion. I understand about a book needing more...I've experienced that often. Thank you!

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

You are welcome! Thank you for commenting! We really do strive to offer our honest opinions while still being respectful :-)

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