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Review: The Edge of Darkness by Melissa Andrea

The Edge of Darkness by Melissa Andrea


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t believe in love at first sight. With people, anyway. Books, now that’s another story. With books, I feel like I can pick out a 5 star read within the first chapter. There’s just a feeling, a chemistry, a way the author has of reeling you in and before you even know what the story is about you know you’re in for the long haul. That’s what THE EDGE OF DARKNESS did to me. I didn’t even know what had happened to Araya, what made her different but I knew I wanted to find out, knew I had to follow her around and see what happened.

Araya had an amazing life ahead of her, she’d been accepted into Julliard at a young age and the sky was the limit. All that changed when a terrible accident killed her mom and left her with scars that changed everything and stole her dancing career. She was forced to live with a heartless aunt who despised her and kept her trapped in their home, making her feel like she was worthless and a burden. All that changed the day she met Ryland. Ryland didn’t see her weaknesses; he saw her strengths.

A boy from a privileged but cold and ruthless home, he has his own demons to bear but despite his aversion to any kind of commitment, he never wavered in his consideration for Araya. I LOVED that from the very beginning he was always thinking of what would benefit her in the long run, how he should treat her that would help her versus hinder her. He never went for the easier path or the faster one; he just walked beside her and encouraged her. I thought he showed amazing wisdom and heart for such a young man and especially one with the childhood he’d had.

I was on pins and needles for every second of this book, partially I think because I knew there was a sequel so I knew it couldn’t just have a happily ever after and partially because it was just that perfect combination of light and darkness in the book that had me exuberant and aching all at once. I loved every dark, sad, hopeful second of THE EDGE OF DARKNESS and I’m jumping immediately into THE GRACE IN DARKNESS to see what happens to Ryland and Araya next. I’d recommend this heart-wrenching and beautiful book to absolutely everyone but trust me when I say be prepared to read the books back-to-back; your sanity won’t have it any other way!

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