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Review: Community Service

Community Service
Community Service by Dakota Madison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A love triangle which seems to have a clear choice, but when the “perfect” guy is in a wheelchair you are bound to have second thoughts.

Maggie Mitchell is stunned when her high school crush, Sawyer Reed, is her new lab partner and he’s still as hot as she remembers; only now he’s in a wheelchair and seems to have a crush on her too. When she is assigned to do community service at the local theater she meets Jude Marino, the sexy playboy actor from an influential family. He’s cocky and arrogant and to make things a little more complicated he has a past with Sawyer.

“What I felt for Jude permeated my body but what I felt for Sawyer permeated my heart and soul.”

Sawyer is clearly the choice for Maggie. Maybe that’s my biased opinion, but Jude is transparent in his motives and will only use her and break her. The pressure from others gets to Maggie. Her own mother calls Sawyer a half of a man and others are entirely uncomfortable in his presence. Maggie is disgusted with her mother’s feelings towards Sawyer and rightfully so, but when Maggie is defending Sawyer she realizes how she feels for him. I loved Sawyer! He was cute and sincere and obviously became a better person due to his accident. Though I thought Sawyer was perfect for Maggie, I can honestly say I don’t know how I would deal with having feelings with someone in a wheelchair. I have never in my adult life known someone who couldn’t walk and I could understand if there was hesitation. It’s the fear of the unknown. Maggie knew right away she was still attracted to Sawyer despite the wheelchair and only when others began to question her relationship with him did she really think about the possibilities.

COMMUNITY SERVICE made me consider situations I have never thought about before. I found myself seriously questioning what I would have done had I been in Maggie’s shoes. When you throw Jude into the mix, I can see how she was confused. Even though Jude was completely wrong for her, physically she was attracted to him in a way she couldn’t even control. Ugh, Jude. Couldn’t she see what he was about? It was fun to hate him though.

There were some things about the story that didn’t play out for me. I wish I could have read more about the evolution of relationships between Maggie, Jude, and Sawyer. There was something missing in the conflict between characters. I would’ve loved to delve deeper into the characters and felt more about each relationship, especially the relationship between Sawyer and Jude. Those two have a lot of emotions to work through and more of their drama would have really added depth to the characters and story.

COMMUNITY SERVICE is a good, light read for someone just looking for a feel good story. Though there is not much depth, Dakota Madison wrote a lovely story for those looking for the happy ending.

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