Thursday, November 7, 2013

4th Annual ♫ Holiday Party ♫ - Giving Away Over 1500 Books & Prizes!

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It's that time again! Time for the 4th Annual ♫ Holiday Party ♫ in Erotic Enchants on We have lots of fun and games in store for you guys this year and several new events planned! (Starts on November 10th)

We have over 150 Authors participating and have a prize pool of over 1500 books and prizes to giveaway! If you just said WOW! Then WOW! Is right!

If you are member of Erotic Enchants on, then here is the thread you will want to keep an eye on for games and announcements:  2013 Holiday Party Information

You may have heard that this year, we will be sharing some of our events with The BDSM Group also on goodreads, but you do not have to be a member of both groups to participate. If you aren't a member and want to join, be sure and tell them Bookie sent you! Here are some of the shared events:

❄ Scavenger Hunt

❄ 18 Author Blog Tour

❄ Check your listening comprehension skills with the BDSM Bedtime Stories.

❄ Know Your Authors

Here is what else is in store:

❄ Show Us Whatcha Workin' With! (Win prizes for your activity in the group and on GR)

❄ Brain Teasers

❄ Sexy Crossword Puzzlers

❄ Dirty Mind Games

❄ Picture Puzzlers

❄ Figure it Out - Rebus Puzzles

❄ Sexy Word Finds

❄ And Much MORE!

I hope you will all join us!

I ♥ Bookie Nookie

Check out participating Authors & Bloggers here:

Participating Bloggers - Click the Image to check out their blog!

Participating Authors - If you are an authors who would like to participate, check back next year - the cut off for new submissions has passed.

A.C. Warneke Iris Deorre Nicole Swan
Adele Allaire J.E. & M. Keep Nona Raines
Aleatha Romig J.L. Blackthorne Olivia Fox
Alexandria Infante J.T. Harding P.S. Love
Alice Gaines Jacky Donovan Paloma Beck
Alyssa Turner Janelle Stalder Patricia Knight
Amelia Benjamin Jennifer Lynne Rachael Orman
Anita Philmar Jettie Woodruff Raine Watling
Anne Carlisle Jocelyn Dex Red Phoenix
Annie Edmonds Joey W. Hill Renee Rose
Annie Eppa K.I. Lynn S. Ann Cole
Anwen Stiles K.M. Golland S.K Logsdon
Aria Grace Kara Leigh Miller Sacha Haughtee
Avery Aster Kat Black Sara Jay
Blakely Bennett Kathryn Michaels Scarlett Sanderson
C.D. Breadner Kerry Adrienne Sedona Venez
C.E. Hansen Korin Dushayl Sharon Cummin
Candace Blevins Kristabel Reed Sherri Hayes
Cari Quinn Kristine Cayne Sherrod Wall
Carrie Lane L.  Maretta Shira Anthony
Cat Johnson L. V. Lewis SJ Thomas
CD Reiss L.C.Wilkinson Sky Robinson
Christine Edwards L.J. Dee SM Johnson
D.L. Roan La Drama Princess Solar Harris
Daizie Draper Lacey Silks Susan Hayes
Deena Ward Lara Lee Sweety Suz deMello
Desi Daasi Leah Braemel Sylvia Ryan
Diane Thorne Leslie C. Ferdinand T. Strange
Eden Connor Lily Harlem Tami Veldura
Edward Naughty Harlem Dae  Tara Quan
Elegant Submission Lindsey Brooks Tina Carreiro
Elena Kincaid Lisa Eugene Tory Richards
Elena M. Reyes Liz Adams Traci L. Slatton
Ella Dominguez Liz Davis Travis Luedke
Elysia N. Fields Lord'Williams Trinity Blacio
Em Petrova Lorenz Font Victoria Paige
Ember Casey Lori Toland Violet Gregory
Emily Jane Trent Lucretia Bonmot Xavier Edwards
Emma Clark M.T. Miles
Emma Paul Madelynne Ellis
Erica Chilson Marie Wilson
Finn Marlowe Mia Downing
Gail Bridges Mina Khan
Galia Ryan N. Isabelle Blanco
Gemma James N.L. Allen
Genevieve Dewey Nana G
Giulia Napoli Nancy Corrigan
Grace R. Duncan Natasha Knight
H. D. Gordon Neila Carlyle
I.G. Frederick Nicole Edwards

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