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Review: Immortal Distraction

Immortal Distraction by Elizabeth Finn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

IMMORTAL DISTRACTION combines a fantastic storyline with a powerful vampire and a headstrong detective for a sexy paranormal romance.

Brit Sutton grew up fending for herself with a convict father and drug addict mother, and so it is no surprise that she has formed a tough exterior to protect herself from the pain and disappointment she is used to. Motivated to move beyond the path her parents laid out for her, she works hard to prove herself as a female detective and homicide investigator. When a case leads her to Angus Scott, she has a hard time maintaining her tough girl bravado.

Angus Scott is the head of the council of vampires for the Eastern region and it's his job to steer Brit away from her murder suspect when it's one of his men. Any attention on vampires is considered bad attention and, while Angus might not approve of Driscoll's brutality or his choices of victims, he must keep Brit from finding him all the same. But Brit will not be deterred and Angus has a hard time keeping his distance when he finds himself wanting more time with the tough detective.

The Immortals series has all the potential of Elizabeth Finn's other erotic books, but for some reason, her forays into the paranormal world are falling short for me. For example, I love the world that she has created, and every time she introduces a vampire for the next in the series, I'm instantly intrigued and excited to hear his story. But then when I read the story, I enjoy it but I'm never fully involved in it. Take Brit for example, I was never really in her head. I felt removed from the characters and even some of the sex scenes just felt like words on a page rather than the hot tantalizing scenes I'm used to in Elizabeth Finn's writing. Ms Finn writes from both Brit's and Angus's perspectives, alternating chapter by chapter, and I will say I actually felt closer to Angus than Brit. While this may have been Brit's hard exterior coming out even in her inner dialogue, I think it was also just a lack of empathy on my part for how Brit was feeling and where she was coming from. The story also dragged on a bit. Though I enjoyed the overall plot and story arc, I wouldn't have minded some of it condensed or cut out.

I've come to expect a certain level of character depth, sexual intimacy and sweltering love scenes when I read something by Elizabeth Finn. I can already tell from the summary of Immortal Healer that the third book in the series will have a great storyline; I'm just really hoping that Dr. Bremmer's story will finally combine Ms. Finn's knack for sweeping a reader up in the story with the paranormal romance genre.

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