Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: The Last Resort

The Last Resort
The Last Resort by Charlotte Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New author, Charlotte Oliver pens a damn good story in THE LAST RESORT!

See, this is why I love Amazon Prime. I discovered a new author, it turns out I really like her style and I got to read a really great story. I’m hooked! I will definitely be searching for more of what Charlotte Oliver has to offer in the future.

Ava is a young twenty-something who thought she had it all when her handsome and rich prince charming asks for her hand in marriage, but that life wasn’t really all that she had hoped it would be. Instead of facing it head on, she escapes to South Africa with her feisty best friend, Sharon. As Ava proceeds to drown her sorrows and surround herself with the hunky locals, she realizes the life she had was great and thoughts of regret clutter her mind. Well, that was what was going through her head until her brother-in-law, Tam storms in to return her to her rightful owner, his brother, Jack.

Ha! Not so fast hot stuff! Ava isn’t a lady that can be easily bossed around. When she starts to get a funny feeling niggling at her heart, she knows that something isn’t quite right. There wouldn’t be much of a story if it were that simple, now would it? Tam drops a bomb of epic proportions, rocking Ava’s perfect little world right off kilter!

I found THE LAST RESORT to be unique and quite entertaining. The characters are fantastic, well, Jack is a bastard in sheep’s clothing, but that’s part of the story and keeps it interesting, so, I’m not spilling the beans! Take a chance on a new author. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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