Friday, April 26, 2013

Alyssa Turner: 5 in 5 - Smokin' Us Out One Hot Page at a Time!


  Loves Shoes
  Loves the Beach
  Loves Art
  Loves Technology
 Loves Writing

In her own words, "Alyssa Turner is every woman and like no other.  The one who stares into space while standing in sensible shoes at the supermarket, and you wonder what she might be thinking?  Few things make her smile like the rush of creativity--she is addicted."  

Well, DAMN!  I don't know about the sensible shoes part, since my feet haven't been on friendly terms with the word "sensible" since I started picking out my own shoes, but I am certain that I have been known to ponder the meaning of life while waiting in line at the grocery store. *snort*  Okay, maybe I was thinking about something far less meaningful with a series of nonsensical thoughts that might go something like:  hmmm...need a mani/pedi, maybe I'll do that this weekend... did I charge my kindle?  what's for dinner... peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... how many reviews do I need to write?  too many to count, maybe I'll read the next book on my list...  oh yeah, mani/pedi, need a wax too... write that down...  Yeah, not so much leaning towards the philosophical... I prefer to imagine my favorite authors thinking about sexy stuff all the time, even at the grocery store :-)  

On Twitter, Alyssa Turner noted a few of her favorite things and what do you know!  I love those things too!   So, I thought it might be fun to delve into the mind of this crafty chick to see what makes her tick.  Is she really like me?  I don't know, but I had to find out!   Just for fun, I came up with "5 in 5."  For the five categories she mentioned, I asked her to share her preferences for the five options in each category I provided and here is what she came up with: 


Style or Comfort 
✔ Style, but both is nirvana
Designer or Bargain 
✔  Bargain, nothing better than double coupon at DSW!
Heels or Flats 
✔  Heels
Pumps or Wedges 
✔  Pumps, but wedges if we’re talking sandals.
Nike or Adidas 
✔  Adidas


East Coast or West Coast 
✔ East Coast
Atlantic or The Gulf 
✔  The Gulf, Cancun baby!
Sandcastles or Sunbathing 
✔ Sandcastles
Sunscreen or Suntan 
✔  Suntan
One Piece or Bikini 
✔  Bikini, string bikini. --->> LOVE IT!  The smaller the better!


Oil or Acrylic 
✔ Both, and chalk pastel too!
Sculpture or Canvas 
✔ Canvas
Old Masters or New Unknowns
✔ not so Old Masters, Picasso, Braque, Degas
Museum or Art Festival
✔ Museum
Bystander or Active Participant 
✔ Active, when I have time


Desktop or Laptop 
✔ Laptop
PC or Mac 
✔ PC
iPod or CD 
 Pod, although iTunes is on my last nerve. Now I stream from Amazon on my phone.
Blackberry or iPhone
✔ Droid --->> Was this an option Alyssa?  I think NOT!  I will let it slide :-) 
Text or Talk 
✔ Talk


Pencil or Pen 
✔ Pen, but who can read my handwriting?
Alpha Male or Alpha Female 
✔ Alpha Male, but my girls are no pushovers
Slow Build or Fast & Furious 
✔  Slow Build
Romance or Smut 
✔ A little of both, I like it Kinky Sweet.
Couples or Menage 
✔ Menage

Is Alyssa Turner like you?

Check out Alyssa's work, but make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy, because she is smokin' us out one hot page at a time!

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