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#Review: Come Undone by @MadelynneEllis 4 Stars

Come Undone (Rock Hard, #1)Come Undone by Madelynne Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when a good girl runs into the bad-boy rocker of her dreams? The one whose music was a lifeline seeing her through the torture of living in a religious cult where she was punished for not caving to their pious demands? That would be COME UNDONE.

Xane Geist walks away from his band during a show, unable to perform because of a deep betrayal of his friendship from two of the band members. Not only has the pair betrayed him, but the rest of the band doesn't even seem to care.

Daniella Fosbrook is there to see her favorite band perform, but her friend has nicked a backstage pass and so Dani misses all the drama onstage, but literally runs into her hero Xane, backstage. He talks her into driving off with him to a secluded location so he can "get knackered".

Once they've reached their destination and have a chance to get to know each other a bit, Xane realizes that Dani is not an average groupie. Yeah, she's definitely a real fan, but she sees more than the rock persona to the real man underneath the make-up and costume.

Dani knows that to men like Xane she could be just one girl in a crowd of many. She has no expectations of their time together going any further than it has, but against the odds Xane does contact her again and sweeps her away for a whirlwind, sexy weekend in Monaco. Although they have some good times there, the fun comes to a screeching halt when there's an altercation with one of the bandmates and the press gets wind of it.

So once again, Xane and Dani are on the lam. This time to a secluded island retreat owned by Xane's cousin. Dani is confronted by the ghosts of her past, while Xane is blindsided by some tragic news of his own.

And . . . that's it, folks. The. End. I absolutely adored Xane. He's a bad-boy rocker. He's raw; he's 100% secure in his sexuality. He's down and dirty. Yet he's also tender and not pushy with Dani, who is clearly inexperienced and very skittish. Dani is a sweet girl. She has a lot of hang-ups about sex because of the brainwashing from the religious cult. But even though she's nervous, she's still willing to try new things. Especially when she knows they will make Xane happy. The only thing that could make COME UNDONE better for me is more. Now. Definitely sign me up for the rest of the series!

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Sounds like a real good book the kind I would like to read the whole thing

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Sounds like a good story yum

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