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Blog Tour and #Giveaway: Layers Deep by Lacey Silks

Layers Deep by Lacey Silks


He needs her to save a friend,
She needs him to plan her revenge.
Their pasts scar them Layers Deep.
Their passion distracts them...
... and distractions can be fatal.

Tristan Cross is battling emotional demons from the past. He lives in a world where trust is earned, loyalties are tested, and love is impossible. That is, until he meets Allie Green. She’s the only woman who can help him find a kidnapped friend and to top it off, she captivates him. All he has to do now is persuade her to work for Cross Enterprises, his top investigations firm.

Allie Green is a rookie cop seeking revenge and she’s willing to sell her soul to get it. When an opportunity to use Tristan Cross presents itself so does the time for payback. As her vengeance boils her blood she can’t keep her mind off her new boss and Allie finds it difficult to keep her employment professional. With the mouth watering Tristan Cross distracting her, she struggles to prioritize an undercover job she’s been assigned and her hunger for revenge.

And when you’re ready to give up your life to save someone else, distractions can be fatal.

Note: This book is the first part of a Trilogy that is designed to be read in order. Tristan and Allie will get their happy ending but not until book 2 and 3. This book contains a cliff hanger ending you will not expect. A prequel to the series which can be read alone is Dazzled by Silver.

Warning: This title contains erotic situations, and graphic language. Intended for adult audience 18+.


“Don’t cover up that beautiful body of yours.” He sat up stretching. The sheets fell to the floor, but he didn’t seem to care that his erection stood high; in fact, he seemed pretty happy to see me.

And he’d called me “beautiful” again.

“I need to shower and hand in my resignation.”

“The shower’s that way.” He pointed to the en-suite. “Trust me. Allie, you don’t want to go out with the clothes you had on yesterday.” Tristan strolled toward me like a predator. And now I was sure he was happy to see me.

“These are the only clothes I have.” I heard a slight vibration in my voice. This had never happened to me. He had changed me from a fierce lioness out on the street who didn’t care how she looked to a smitten kitten in bed. Even when I’d had sex before, I’d never let my guard down the way I could with Tristan. Last night, I’d let go of every last thought and worry. I’d forgotten about work and my life, and the revenge I sought no longer loomed in my mind. Tristan had taken care of Wright for me.

So why was I so nervous this morning? We were two consenting adults who’d just had mind-blowing sex. There was nothing wrong with what we did, except for the fact that the tingling between my legs increased with each step Tristan took toward me. I wanted more. My body needed more. And he was the only one who could satisfy the yearning inside me. But it was supposed to be a one-time fuck, so I could concentrate on the job—so that Tristan could be my employer without crossing the ‘sexual harassment’ line. With Tristan only a foot away, and his steaming body breathing in tandem with mine, I couldn’t escape. And I didn’t want to escape. The pull was too strong. I felt my clothes slip out of my grip. Or perhaps I dropped them?

“Do you want to fuck again, Allie?”


He released a deep growl from the back of his throat and beckoned me with his index finger. The evil grin on his face was full of promises. My insides boiled as the ravenous kitten readied to shift back to a lioness. I stepped forward and took his face into my hands, tasting his mouth. Tristan lifted me up into his arms and held my naked ass. My arms slid to his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist. His fingers dug feverishly into my skin as he carried me to the bathroom, straight into the shower.

My back pressed against the cold marble tile. I uncoiled my legs, never letting go of his mouth. My hands and fingers roamed his tussled hair, pulling slightly. I didn’t think I’d ever get enough of his taste.

“I won’t let you leave,” he said in between the kisses as he turned on the water.

“Ahh!” The first hit of cold stream assaulted my skin, and goose bumps covered my body.

Tristan laughed, connecting with every inch of my front, his hardness squeezed against my belly, and I forgot about the frigid water, which slowly began to warm up.

But he wasn’t laughing at me; it was a joyful response to my reaction to the cold water. Whatever worries he’d carried with him last night when he picked me up on the street had disappeared as well, his mission to save Kendra temporarily postponed. I wondered what she’d meant to him. Was she family? Perhaps a close friend? Has someone hired him to find her?

He pulled away and squirted shampoo from the compartment on the wall into his hands. The steam began to rise. He ran his hands over my wet hair, gently massaging my scalp. I imagined the ton of hairspray running down my back and couldn’t have been more grateful for the sensual wash.

“I must look awful,” I said through the water and soap cascading down my face.

“You look beautiful, Allie.” His lips gently touched mine and he continued to wash me. I held onto his arms, and his muscles ripened underneath my fingers when he moved. The hum of his breath vibrating off the water flowing down my face tantalized me. He squeezed more soap and kissed my shoulders and neck, and then slowly lowered his hands to my chest, caressing each breast with his slicked hands. When his hand slid down my belly and to my sex, I held my breath. Gosh, how good his hand felt on me down there! Tristan was so caring and thorough.

“Are you wet for me, Allie, or is this just the water?”

“For you.”

“For me what, Allie?”

I loved the way he’d said my name so often. Like I was the only one on his mind.

“I’m wet for you, Tristan.” The words that left my mouth were not my own. I’d never been so open to a man, letting him control the way I moved and what I said. As a fierce cop out on the street, I kept up a barrier, hiding my emotions. The shield protected me. But Tristan took away all my inhibitions and changed me. He brought out the woman in me who hid behind the protective shield of a cop.

“What do you want me to do about it?” he asked.

I wanted to say how much I needed him to fuck me. I wanted to forget who I was and my responsibilities for a while longer, but instead of the devil which usually taunted me, someone else stepped on my shoulder, the other shoulder. My conscience. My fucking conscience decided to show up now, and I hesitated. I shut my eyes, feeling the words slip from the tip of my tongue to the back of my throat.

“How are we going to make this work?” I asked. “You’re supposed to be my employer.”

“Fun now, work later. You probably think I do this all the time, that women like you show up in my life every day, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.” His hot hands left my body. Tristan’s eyes hardened. I could tell he wanted to share something with me, but he wavered.

Water flowed down my back.

“What is the truth?”

“I—I’ve been locked up in here.” He touched his left pec, just beneath his heart. “And you make me forget about... about everything. You’re so beautiful, Allie.”

Tristan brushed his hand across my face.

I lifted my palm to his heart and drew my finger across a white scar I had noticed before. He sucked in a quick breath, tightening his lips as if I’d burned him. The scar meant more to Tristan than I had thought. It wasn’t just an accident in a fight. The jab he’d received was deliberate. I could still see the pain in his eyes. His external scar pained him the same way my deep wounds traumatized me.

I lowered my hand to down the valley between his abs, curving my palm around his shaft. He closed his eyes and I whispered, “I need you to fuck me, Tristan.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice.”

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Lacey is an Author of Erotic Romance. Her stories come from her life, dreams and fantasies. She’s a happily married wife with two kids. Lacey likes to make her readers blush and experience the story as if they were the characters. Drawing on the reader’s most sensitive emotions through realistic stories satisfies her more than… …ok not really, but you get the point;) She likes a pinkish shade on a woman’s cheeks, men with large feet and sexy lingerie-especially when it’s torn off the body. Her favorite piece of clothing is a ‘birthday suit’.

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