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Review: Hers

Hers by Dawn Robertson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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That’s right! My name is mother-fucking Seven James, bitches! No one ever gave me anything and I’ve never asked for what I want; I take it! I demand respect and I don’t apologize for being a slut. My family sucks. I only have one true friend in the world and that is questionable at times. I never fuck the same man twice and if you can’t get down with a threesome with my BFF, then keep on steppin’!

And THAT is Seven James, well, that WAS Seven James until one of her little playthings turned into something else entirely. His name’s Levi Parker and he’s a whole lot more than just a “little plaything” to be cast aside because of some stupid rules.
Levi Parker. Holy. Fucking. Shit. My heart skips a beat, and I see my career falling apart before my eyes. The guy I fucked two nights ago, up the goddamn ass with a strap-on, is one of my new fucking board members. I. Am. So. Fucked. So fucked. So beyond fucked.

My nerves are on fire, and I do everything I can not to flip the fuck out in front of these men who should be fearing me.

Levi is willing to indulge her need to dominate as long as it’s him she’s dominating. He is a master at ninja mindfuckery when it comes to Seven and although it takes her a minute to realize it, she’s on to him and very aware of her predicament. Even though his existence in her life goes against every rule and boundary she has ever set for herself, she can’t refrain.
Should I play into this little game we have going on here? A very fucking dangerous game for both of us.

I just can't help it, because whether or not I want to admit it, I think I just met my fucking match.

Seven James has always been in full control, so why would she think things would be any different now? Clue #1: The no strings attached, one-night stand ended up being a company board member. Clue #2: The uncontrollable desire to indulge in more of that “little plaything’s” brand of loving.
My name is Seven James, and I am the unwanted child of two hippy nomads. The little sister of an asshole brother who reminded me every day of my life that nobody has ever, or will ever, want me. . . . No one has ever wanted me. I have never wanted anyone. I use sex to cope with the emptiness in my life. I’m a whore. . . . I am broken. I am emotionally void. . . . That is me. That is who Seven James is. Is that who you want?

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Author Dawn Robertson did an excellent job of serving up the tough as nails heroine who just needed the right man to break her. The follow-up book, FINDING WILLOW is due out sometime next year. The great news is that there is no cliffhanger to worry about in HERS, so go forth dear readers and indulge yourself in some naughty fun.

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Sierra McBride said...

Amazing review !!

Can't wait to read this.

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

Thank you! It's a great book. Let me know what you think if you read it!

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