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Review: Storm Damages

Storm Damages
Storm Damages by Magda Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

STORM DAMAGES makes good on the title’s promise of mass destruction as a trail of broken hearts are left in the wake of billionaire, bad-boy, Gabriel Storm’s travels all over the world.

Elizabeth Watson is a smart woman. Everything she has ever wanted is within reach, all she has to do is pass the law review and her dream of securing an associate position at her law firm is pretty much a done deal. Her future is secure. Well, it WAS secure until the day Gabriel Storm entered the picture as one of the bigwigs on the opposite side of a half-billion dollar business deal. She knows trouble when she sees it. He’s rich. He’s hot. He’s determined and he is accustomed to getting everything he wants. Lucky for her, he has decided Elizabeth Watson is what he wants. Elizabeth has no intentions of getting tangled up with Mr. Storm; she gives him a wide berth steering clear for the sake of her future at the firm; she knows fraternizing with the opposing team will likely get her booted from her current position and black-balled in the law community. Undeterred by her resistance to succumb to his charm and commanding presence, Gabriel persists in pursuing her with a vengeance.

I like the taste of potent things in my mouth—coffee, brandy, a woman’s honey.

◉ₒ◉ Um… Okay… Hmmm… What was that about Elizabeth’s intentions? Yes, well, we all know that the road to hell was paved with good intentions. Elizabeth talks a good game, but she’s delusional to think he would ever retreat. I have to give it to her; she was doing a pretty good job of holding her own, right up until that panty-ripping first kiss. I suppose I’m not kissing the right men, because MY first kisses usually just involve a little tongue and maybe some on-top-of-the-clothes-groping, but my panties always remain intact. (Me = Jealous!)

STORM DAMAGES was hot! I’m definitely a fan! I have to warn you; there is a bit of a cliffy – not so terrible that you will go insane, but enough of a cliffhanger that I have actually threatened bodily harm to author, Magda Alexander if she doesn’t produce the next installment, pronto! Let’s hope for her sake that book 2 release date is just around the corner.

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