Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review: Tangled

Tangled by Emma Chase
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While I enjoyed that Tangled was written from a guy's perspective and thus took on a completely different voice from the traditional contemporary romance novel, I thought the momentum and passion dwindled a bit for me with each of Drew's sidenotes. I enjoyed his random thoughts and lessons on the male brain and found them amusing, but each time he left his story of how he came to fall in love with Katherine Brooks to tell the reader something, I would find my mind wandering.

Thankfully, I read Tangled as a buddy read and when I started to contemplate putting the book down, my friend told me that the story got even funnier in the second half, so I kept on. I would actually rate the first half of the book 3 stars and the second half of the book 4 stars, so my true rating is 3.5 stars. The second half of the story really picked up for me, probably because Drew wasn't talking past-tense anymore and as a result he was providing less guy-knowledge and it was more about what was happening between him and Kate at that moment. I was able to just enjoy the passion and miscommunication that was Kate and Drew's relationship.

I think its possible that I let the number of really high reviews on Goodreads build up my excitement about this book to the point that I started reading TANGLED with absurdly high expectations of what I would find, but either way I thought this was an enjoyable story - just not a wrap me up and take me away because I'm in book heaven kind of read.

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