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Blog Tour Review: Birthday Wishes by Braxton Cole

Birthday Wishes by Braxton Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Happy Birthday to ME! I think it is totally fitting that I am writing this review the day before my birthday since not only is it called BIRTHDAY WISHES but it was about as hot a present as I could have hoped for… Unless of course Braxton Cole is planning on delivering Luca to my door dressed in only a bow. Please, please? My address is… Oh yah, I’m drooling just thinking about that. I will be ecstatic but my husband might be a little (a lot) ticked. What to do…

So back to my review. Mari and Luca meet online with very specific intentions. They want a no strings attached rendezvous (or several) and it will include all of their hottest fantasies. They’ve shared drug tests, discussed logistics, compared wish lists, and now it’s all about pleasure, all night long. That is, until Mari’s nosy brother grabs her phone and gives Luca the address to Mari’s surprise 30th birthday party. Now all of Mari’s family and friends want to know who the smoking hot package is that just walked through the door. Whoops.

Here’s what I loved about BIRTHDAY WISHES: Everything.

More specifically? I loved that Braxton Cole didn’t use the length of the book as an excuse to rush feelings or create romance where there isn’t any. She used her pages VERY wisely. Oh my hotness, did she use them wisely. Mari isn’t some girl who says she wants no strings attached and then the second she meets the guy, she’s head over heels imagining how many kids they’ll have. That is one of my big pet peeves in a story, by the way. Either it’s a fling or it’s a romance – but if you’re going to make it both I better be able to believe it. And since I’m wondering when Luca is going to show up at my door, I think Braxton Cole was more than successful!

Personally, I’d rather we skipped the small talk and got straight to the fucking. He seemed like a nice guy and I was sure he could chat me up as well as anyone, but why bother? We didn’t meet online for dating and time with the family.

I knew exactly where I wanted to start and it didn’t involve words beyond the occasional Oh, God! And Yes, right there!

Wasn’t the woman supposed to beg for more while the man remained emotionally distant? Apparently I was dating a girl. A really hot girl with sexy man parts and chiseled abs, but a girl nonetheless. Fuck my life.

You go, Mari! Love it. And then there’s the seamless way Braxton Cole was able to slowly worm Luca’s way into Mari (and my) heart. He’s hot and sexy and demanding in the bedroom. But he also has a soft side that we get to accidently witness when he doesn’t think we’re looking that makes it endearing without being overkill.

The car slid to a stop and the doors opened. An elderly couple entered and he stepped away from me. His face colored slightly and I stifled a giggle in my hand. This man had written, in explicit detail, all the debauched things he wanted to do to my body, but the thought of being busted by other people made him respond like a school boy.

My relationship with Luca was turning out to be more fun than I expected. We had some very specific, very kinky fantasies that we wanted to play out and we’d agreed to do it together. That we were both learning the roles we wanted to play made it that much more endearing. We were in kinky sex kindergarten together.

The words Luca used for the introductions were standard and simple. The reaction it evoked in me was not. He spoke my name with reverence, with pride, and with possession. And emotion in his voice made me warm in forgotten places. Not just in sexy, oh-yeah-right-there places, but also in the neglected cracks and crevices around my heart.

It was the perfect combination of explosive, passionate sex and sweet, disarming moments that made me feel everything! This is one of those novellas that I want to hold up, shake, and say LOOK! This is what a novella should look like! This! You CAN have your cake and eat it too! This was a spectacular 4.5 star read that will have you all kinds of worked up!

**Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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