Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: French Quarter

French Quarter
French Quarter by Lacey Alexander

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once again, Lacey Alexander brings mystery, intrigue and of course, let's not forget total corruption of the naive and innocent heroine. And of-course, I enjoyed every second of the corrupting :-)

Liz is our "innocent" in this first book in the Hot in the City series set in New Orleans. She is up rooted from her "Stepford Wives" life in Maryland when her fiance is relocated to New Orleans. She starts to suspect that Todd, her fiance is cheating on her and hires P.I., Jack to uncover the truth. On their initial meeting, Liz and Jack definitely have chemistry--do-gooder Liz has no idea what doors are waiting to be opened as she closes the door on her relationship with Todd. She is a quick study and wastes no time finding her wild side...

Let's see, how many ways can Liz have dirty hot sex?

with a man she just met (Jack) ✔
in an alley ✔
with a female stripper ✔
while Jack watches ✔
make that 2 female strippers ✔
in a theater ✔
on the balcony ✔
on the sofa with sexy Jack and his BFF, Ty ✔
missionary position ✘ what were you thinking? Nothing as boring as that!

It's good stuff! Lots of well written sex scenes with a good little story to go with it.

FYI: M-F-M, F-F-F, sex in public, anal sex.

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