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#Review: Blind Love by @MSBrannonAuthor 4 STARS

Blind Love by M.S. Brannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s always a good sign when a book can be heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. Reading BLIND LOVE was like returning home to the dysfunctional but tight-knit family that I’ve come to love. It’s hard to believe, but I can’t even pick a favorite Evans couple—and that’s saying a lot.

In TRAGIC LOVE, readers met Delilah—a rich, wholesome southern girl with a heart of gold who stood by her childhood best friend, Presley, through thick and thin. Delilah is sensitive, caring, and would do anything for those she loves. But since birth it’s been drilled into her that she must marry a certain kind of man and live a certain way. Jake is the opposite of everything her mother wants for her. Born of a drug-addicted mother, he grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. He drinks, fucks, and hustles. He’s crude, brutally honest, and doesn’t respect women. But he seems to recognize a well-hidden part of Delilah that no one else ever has and he demands that she explore it. As they spend more time together, their adventures get crazier and they grow closer together until they both realize they are truly best friends.

But friends are all they can ever be because Delilah has to return to her real life and the man she’s supposed to end up with, Emerson. Only the more time Delilah spends with Jake, the less desirable Emerson seems as a significant other.

More layers of the Evans family drama are revealed as we follow Delilah and Jake’s story and more hardships are realized. While Delilah and Jake’s friendship had formed in TRAGIC LOVE, we really never saw how or why and M.S. Brannon did a great job of covering that period of time without making it seem like a retelling of Drake and Presley’s story.

When their story continues beyond the point of time where TRAGIC LOVE ended, it was emotional, shocking and raw. I liked how M.S. Brannon was true to Jake’s character and didn’t sugarcoat him to make him more universally desirable. He fought dirty and said cruel thing that I hated him saying, but it was real.

Every book in the Sulfur Heights series has made me fall more in love with the Evans family and I’m rooting for them all to find their happily ever after despite all the obstacles they have in front of them. I gave BLIND LOVE 4.5 stars because it dug deep and showed the emotions each character felt in an honest and meaningful way.

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