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#Review: Uncovering You 3: Resistance by @Scarl_Edwards 5 STARS

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Talk about whiplash. Just when you thought Jeremy had no redeeming side, he shows a little kindness.

And as soon as you start to think there might be a glimmer of hope, he crushes it into dust. Pulverizes it.

If you thought Jeremy couldn’t get any worse, think again. He finds new ways to traumatize and break Lilly. He has truly frightened me with just how dark he will go.

At the end of SUBMISSION, Jeremy left Lilly confined to her bed for trying to get into his office. Lilly uses the isolation to reexamine everything she knows about Jeremy and comes to an eye-opening realization about what he wants out of her. She stops playing the submissive, broken girl and starts speaking her mind, which seems to earn her a different side of Jeremy. A softer side. But just when I started to think Jeremy might have hope after all, he went psycho crazy mad and showed me that I don’t even understand the depths of cruelty he has buried inside of him.

After reading SUBMISSION, I remember saying that I was having a hard time remembering some of Lilly’s history and I was worried it might become important later in the story.  Well, in RESISTANCE, Lilly’s time in solitude allows her to reflect on her childhood and on some of her regrets with her mother and I thought it was the perfect amount to refresh any readers who like me might have gotten fuzzy on some of the details.  Jeremy also forces Lilly to start examining why he chose her and when.  He gives her a few hints that left me wondering if maybe this is a master ploy for vengeance after all.  Is Jeremy somehow related to Paul?  When did Lilly enter Jeremy’s cross hairs?  I’m pitifully still hoping it’s not all a vengeance plot as I have a feeling I will absolutely hate Jeremy beyond repair if that is the case.  Lilly thinks Jeremy’s kindness in RESISTANCE was all an act to get her to trust him only so he could further break her, but I’m wondering if his sudden attitude change wasn’t a similar reaction to Lilly’s.  I wonder if perhaps they both got caught up in the moment for a second there and then when they had time to reflect, they both started thinking it was all an act for the other party.  To me that would explain how nasty he suddenly was, if he thought she’d been playing him and he’d fallen for it.  Because he’s so prideful of how savvy he is—he would abhor being duped by anyone, especially her. 

RESISTANCE as a whole had a lighter tone than the first two volumes in the UNCOVERING YOU series, however it also showed that there is still a lot more anger and cruelty that has barely broken the surface. It was well told, flowed perfectly, and has me absolutely ensnared in its madness. I am a pawn to Scarlett Edward’s whims at this point—ready to devour each future volume in the series.

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This book sounds like a huge mind game he's playing and a not so nice one at that hope she turns the tables

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