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#REVIEW: One Lucky Night 4 STARS @Aria_Kane @ana_blaze @CPhillips @MelindaDozier

One Lucky NightOne Lucky Night by Aria Kane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Brazen Head Pub sounds like a fun place and with all the hotties running around, it’s not hard to figure out why!

LUCKY BREAK by Aria Kane, LUCKY STAR by Grace Teague, A NEW TUNE by Ana Blaze, LEXI’S CHANCE by Constance Phillips, and DRINK OR DARE by Melinda Dozier are fun, quick reads that will entertain. There is nothing too heavy or dark, but there are lots of laugh-out-loud moments and swoon-inducing sexiness. I loved that all the connections were a long time coming. No love at first sight stories here. The characters had some sort of history and on this night, with some luck, they will all finally see through the mishaps and find each other.

Aria Kane

Derek Chase is a chef at the Brazen Head Pub and when the dishwasher breaks, none other than his best friend’s little sister and the girl he walked out on four years ago comes to fix it. Andrea Rivera has never gotten over Derek or understood why he left her without a word, but it’s clear that they still have chemistry.

Understanding why Derek left Andrea is heartbreaking and sad, but their story of childhood friendship turned into love is sweet and their adult romance is hot. While at first I wanted to hate Derek, it becomes clear the last thing he ever wanted to do was leave Andrea and now he can’t let her go again.

Ana Blaze

Hot guy who can sing, play the guitar and has the kind of cocky swagger that only comes from a man who deserves it. Yep, sign me up!

Holly Hall refuses to date musicians, especially hot ones. Cian O’Neill definitely fits the description of hot and talented, so despite that one hot kiss, she must stay clear. He’s not one to back down though and he figures with some persistence she will eventually see how good they could be together.

You know that Holly must have a good reason to deny Cian over and over. Who could say “no” to that man so many times without eventually caving? I’m pretty sure I would’ve have kicked a groupie in the teeth too. At least “accidentally” spilled a beer on one.

Constance Phillips

Lexi is always taking care of others and ignoring her personal life. She can’t help going into the Brazen Head Pub every Friday night to sit at the bar and enjoy the sexy, flirtatious bartender, Sean. Sean is tired of only being a woman’s plaything and he’s determined to finally show Lexi he’s more than a flirty playboy.

So Sean has been making anonymous donations to the homeless shelter where Lexi works. How freakin’ cute is that?! He knows how much she cares and that makes her so much more than another pretty face at the bar.

Melinda Dozier

Killian Whelan and Rachel Robertson are rivals in paramedic school and REALLY do not get along. Imagine Rachel’s surprise when out for her friend’s bachelorette party, she runs into Killian at the Brazen Head Pub. Of course, no bachelorette party is complete without embarrassing games and when Rachel’s friends get a look at Killian, they make this game of Truth or Dare a chance for Killian and Rachel to see each other as more than academic rivals.

This was my favorite of the stories for two reasons: 1) hot guy in a kilt and 2) sexy Truth or Dare. DRINK OR DARE was really funny and extremely sexy. Killian was really upset that he lost a bet that made him wear that kilt, but women are seriously intrigued by the kilt (or the chance of the lack of underwear underneath).

I was amazed at the authors’ ability to blend all five stories into a tale of one magical night. Each story connects an employee with a special someone and while all stories could be read separately, they are intertwined at some point at this pub and the mysterious old Irishman doling out bits of wisdom. ONE LUCKY NIGHT is insanely cute and fun with a whole lot of sexy.

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