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#REVIEW: Fallen by @tracilslatton 5 STARS

Fallen (After Trilogy, #1)Fallen by Traci L. Slatton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Emma has survived the strange killing mists with her daughter, Mandy. When they rose out of the mountains and seas, the world crumbled in their wake. Many survivors have realized they now possess psychic gifts, including Emma. She takes care of seven more children who have lost their families and this crew quickly realizes that with more danger due to desperate and savage survivors, they must find help. Arthur, who with great leadership and supplies, offers them safety and Emma slowly falls for him. Arthur and Emma both have secrets from their life Before and those secrets can tear their love apart.

In the beginning, when the mists first broiled people and buildings and vehicles and anything else they rolled across, I prayed. I sent out pleas to the Presence I’d always sensed in my heart. But then the mists rose up out of the oceans. They were powerfully reborn. They’d been morphed into weapons of awesome power. They didn’t just burn things; they fully dissolved them. Turned them into a splash of water and a scattering of sand, destroyed them utterly. The destruction accelerated and reached a crescendo of unimaginable dimensions. The entire world was vanishing inside them.
That was why I could no longer pray. I’d watched too many people die.

FALLEN is a post-apocalyptic, paranormal novel that far exceeded my expectations. I read the summary and was interested, but this book totally knocked my socks off! I REALLY need to start COLD LIGHT immediately. I am so engrossed in these characters lives and in this world that I need to find out what happens next. Emma is focused on surviving, forgetting that life could be fun and enjoyable. Arthur shows her that there is joy in this After world and you must try to live, really live. Otherwise, why survive? To Emma’s credit, trying to make sure eight children survive killing mists, starvation, and rogue survivors is a lot to handle.

This dark and gritty world made feel scared, hopeless and full of fight all at the same time. The emotions evoked were strong and made me really wonder what would happen if I had survived an apocalypse with my children. These people have survived, changed, and some even held onto some hope for a future. The story and characters were extremely well-developed and even though I had made a correct guess concerning the source of the mists fairly early on, there were tons of twists and turns to keep me on my toes. I especially loved the tons of secondary characters who make up their camp. Learning about each and every one of their Before lives just ties you into the story even more. I could imagine living in this survivors camp due to the extreme details and I have a pretty clear picture in my head of the world in the After.

I honestly cannot find anything wrong with FALLEN. If you are a fan of paranormal, science fiction, post-apocalyptic or dystopian genres, I am so excited to recommend the AFTER TRILOGY. Now excuse me while I start COLD LIGHT now.

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