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#INTERVIEW #GIVEAWAY: Desires by Galia Ryan @FannyPress

Desires by Galia Ryan


Anna is one of Elite Escort Agency's most popular call girls. She is quite comfortable living in the lap of luxury and pleasing a variety of wealthy men on her own terms; however, she longs to return to respectability. Only now she is accustomed to the best of everything. So Anna embarks on a quest to discover what else she is good for, other than dazzling every man who crosses her path.

Anna's calm is shattered when a former client resurfaces. A few years earlier Adam introduced Anna to bondage and submission. But although he held her in his thrall, Adam overestimated his power. When he demanded total surrender, she cut herself off from him forever. Now Adam is asking to see her again. Initially she refuses, but what can she do? She can't stop thinking about him.

The owner of Elite, Stephanie, is also haunted by memories of a former lover--Giancarlo, now married and dedicated to charitable work. When, after ten years, they come together once more, neither can resist the pull of their unresolved past, despite the possible consequences to Giancarlo's career.

Desires is Book 3 of the Luxuria Trilogy. It completes the cycle that began with Anna's story in Choices and Stephanie's in Secrets.


1. What is the toughest part about the writing process?

The editing and rewriting. Sometimes I get bogged down with wanting perfection, and going over and over the same piece, changing words and sentences before realising the first draft actually wasn’t too bad after all.

2. What do you do when you can't think of a thing to write?

3. Do you use beta readers?

Yes, four, and I value them immensely since they connect me with my readers. Two are very good at pointing out flaws, and where adjustments need to be made, the other two are purely emotional. As in – “OMG, I couldn’t believe she…” or “Oh, wasn’t he just lovely, and that bit where…”

One such comment for Secret was, “You know, I really didn’t like (the main character) at first, but half way though I thought, Wow! Yes! You go girl!” Which was exactly the reaction I’d hoped for.

4. I fell in love with Anna in CHOICES and I was so happy to see her again in DESIRES, because I felt like there was a lot more to her story! If I am not mistaken, you had initially intended to end Anna’s story with CHOICES – what made you decide to wrap up the trilogy with where it all began – with Anna?

You’re right. Anna was meant to be a standalone book, with the following stories going back in time, each picking up a character from the previous book. So, Anna, then Stephanie, and lastly Olivia. But so many readers wanted to know what choice Anna made, that my publisher Catherine felt the third book should go forward, and tie up all the loose ends instead.

5. Some “unexpected things” pop up in DESIRES – What’s the most unexpected thing that has happened in your life and how did you handle it?

I find life is full of unexpected events, and that’s what makes it so interesting. I have a strong belief that things happen for a reason, and so I tend to go with whatever gets thrown my way without too much drama.

6. The LUXURIA Trilogy features some sexy and (ultimately) confident women. Where do you draw inspiration for your characters? Are any of the women similar in personality to you?

I love strong women. Perhaps because my mother was one, and it was thanks to her our family had such a solid base. Are any of my characters similar to me? Well, an older relative recently described me to one of my children as headstrong! But I do believe in getting out there and doing it, rather than simply talking about it.

There’s a slogan that sticks in my mind. Finishing last will always be better than did not finish, which always trumps did not start.

7. Now that you have three books under your belt, do you have any plans for other books, if so what can we expect?

More of the same, since I love writing erotica. I am contracted for another novel and six short stories, to be published throughout the year and then gathered for an anthology in 2015. Two have already been submitted, and yes, they both feature strong women! Another features a two-worlds-colliding theme, and a strong, determined, glass-ceiling-crashing woman with a yearning to be sexually dominated. The more powerful she is in her public life, the more desperate and vulnerable her private life becomes.

8. Who is someone you really admire and why?
A lovely man, and good friend in Australia. Three years ago Stephen Want had a crazy idea to take part in an Ironman competition. The reason it was crazy is because Stephen is very heavily overweight due to circumstances outside his control.

Well, he found a personal trainer, and bought a bike and started cycling to work. He had a three-year goal. Three years of hard work, and then the Ironman event. As part of his focus he entered triathlons and other events along the way, and was soon recognised by those cheering on from the sidelines. Known as ‘Lunchbox’ to his many friends, he is now equally often described as the People’s Athlete because, still heavily overweight, he has gained huge respect for pitting himself against world-class sportsmen and women, and never giving up.

9. Were you *really* “convent educated from the age of four”? What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did in school?

Yes, I was convent educated from four. First, with Our Lady of the Missions, then the Canonesses of St Augustine. Both were good schools, and I have to say, the education has stood me in good stead throughout my life. Naughty? Oh yes! The one incident that immediately springs to mind was when I was eleven or so, and caught adorning the angels either side of the main chapel entrance with Easter bonnets - in reality birds nest’s found in the convent grounds. The statues were almost life-size, and having climbed the framework of one of the doors, I was reaching to place the second ‘bonnet’, and wondering how long it would take the nuns to notice them, when I heard the furious voice of Reverend Mother behind me!

10. If you were stranded on a deserted island with no chance of being rescued in the foreseeable future, what items/people would you most like to have in the following categories?

a) A man other than your husband/significant other.

I can’t think of one! Maybe Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler – but I don’t think that would go down too well somehow!

b) Food Item

Thankfully my husband loves sea fishing, and is good at it! So it would have to be something to enjoy with whatever he caught. A dozen cases of a good white wine immediately comes to mind!

c) Luxury item you can't live without – my iMac

d) Album/CD

Oh so hard! Can I cheat and make it a homemade compilation of all my favourite tracks? After all I’d need upbeat sounds to maintain my positive energy, and soft, slow music for those lovely nights, lying on the beach, watching the sunset.

e) Book

This is too difficult! Something I could dip in and out of, rather than something I would devour in one sitting. Non-fiction, and huge and historical.

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Convent-educated from the age of four, Galia Ryan was brought up not to question. Perhaps because of this, she has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and “outside the square.” Originally from Sussex, England, and now living in New Zealand with her soul-mate husband and grown-up family, Galia tries to find time between her passions for writing and reading and for her other love—travel. There is always a growing list of must-see places. Desires is the third novel in the Luxuria Trilogy, which began with Choices. Book 2, Secrets, tells Stephanie’s story. Galia is currently working on an anthology of short stories. You can find her on the Web at:

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