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Blog Tour #Review and #Giveaway: Scare Crow by @Julie_Hockley 4 Stars

Scare Crow by Julie Hockley


Nineteen-year-old Emily Sheppard is losing her sanity.

Ever since her mob king boyfriend, Cameron Hillard, abandoned her for her own good, Emmy has been attempting to move on with her charmed college student life as if nothing happened. Now rejected from the underworld and left grieving over CameronΓÇÖs alleged death.

Emmy realizes she belongs nowhere. Worse yet, she is now keeping a dangerous secret.

After just a short time with Emily, Cameron has lost control over his world. As he miserably attempts to return to what is left of his life and unravel the mess he has made of the underworld, EmilyΓÇÖs hate turns to desperation. She needs to kill the kingpins responsible for CameronΓÇÖs death before they come looking for her. As Cameron secretly observes Emily, he has no idea of the danger he has placed her inΓÇöor that it may already be too late for him to save her.

Scare Crow is a tale of revenge, terror, and love as Emmy and Cameron embark on separate journeys to face enemies, correct past mistakes, and find their way to their destinies.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The most anticipated abduction sequel of 2014 finally finds its way to readers’ hands in the form of SCARE CROW. Julie Hockley had a huge task in front of her with some of the most obsessed fans *raises hand* chomping at the bit for any update on Cameron and Emily’s story.

CROW’S ROW ended with Cameron faking his own death so Emily can lead a normal life—one without danger, threats, and drug lords. What he didn’t realize was just how far Emily would go to seek revenge on those who took Cameron from her. Emily is determined to plunge herself back into the underworld to bring down those who wronged her.

SCARE CROW is told in alternating points of view, switching between Emmy and Cameron, which I thought was absolutely perfect and necessary for the progression of the story. By reading from Cameron’s point of view, the reader really gets to see the business side of Cameron—the dark side of Cameron—and it only made him more real. All my favorite characters returned for SCARE CROW (except Rocco of course) and the reader even gets more insight into Emily’s brother.

At the end of CROW'S ROW, I had full confidence that Emily would find a way into the drug world and cause a lot of trouble. But her first few attempts at retribution had me shaking my head in dumbfounded horror. By the time she finally pulled together an idea worthy of her opponents, I had serious doubts as to whether she could have come up with such an elaborate and complicated plan.

Cameron, on the other hand, I believed. He vacillated between playing hero and going off on suicidal missions, but I thought that was a good representation of where he was at after giving up Emmy. He couldn’t have her and life wasn’t the same without her; he wasn’t the same without her.

I recently found out SCARE CROW is book 2 of a trilogy and I’m immensely grateful for that. While SCARE CROW’s ending left me in a much better place than CROW’S ROW, there’s still so much more I’d like to see. Julie Hockley has created an incredibly elaborate underworld with characters worthy of loving and I’m just not done experiencing life and love with them!

**Complimentary copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

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About the Author:
A former germaphobe and clean-freak turned mother of two, Julie collects enough tears and snot in a month to recreate Slimer Monster from Ghostbusters. Other than playing devoted wife and mama, Julie is the funniest person in the room (according to the 3 year-old and 2 year-old in said room) and can build the most awesome Lego rocket ship youΓÇÖve ever set your eyes on (according to her). Oh, and she has a full time career and has also written a bestselling novel. Superhero, or just downright insane?

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