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#Review: Against the Wall

Against the Wall (Maverick Montana, #1)Against the Wall by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

AGAINST THE WALL definitely lived up to its name, and it was a satisfying light-hearted read. Regrettably, I have to also admit that I feel like the story lacked real depth or emotion in the way it was written too. On the positive side though, I liked the character set up with not only the main characters, but also with the secondary ones as well. Jake and Sophie shared some very steamy moments, and I delighted in their cute interactions outside the bedroom as well.

Landscape architect Sophie Smith is in Maverick Montana to present her design for a proposed golf course to the community. This city girl is unquestionably out of her element, but she is surprised when she finds the country charm so appealing in more ways than she ever expected. Montana calls to her inner artist begging to be unleashed, and Jake… well he brings out a whole different kind of passion from her that she tries in vain to resist.

Jake Lodge is a cowboy to his core, but he is also the Tribal lawyer for his community the Kooskia Tribe. He finds himself in opposition to Sophie’s proposed golf course, but he also sees a way to make her stay as well. They set out for their relationship to only be a fling, but things take an unexpected (or in my case…entirely predictable) turn. Now I think Jake shows hints of being a commanding Alpha male, but I would have loved to see that more fleshed out. I honestly feel like we didn’t really get to know him very much and I would have liked to know more about him. I adored the way his family and community were always meddling and providing support, but I did think it was odd that he never seemed to be taking care of his own daughter during the story.

Unfortunately, I found myself thinking that AGAINST THE WALL was entirely too clichéd. I couldn't feel any deep connection between the characters to support them falling in love. I also found that some of the events in the story seemed like after thoughts that were not fully developed. These events fall into place a bit too easily for my liking, which made them unexciting and predictable in my honest opinion. On the other hand, I liked the plot and thought it had real potential to pull me in. The love scenes were a pleasure to read, but boy did these two love the outdoors and walls! I find myself curious to see where the story goes from here with Jake’s siblings, but I also hope that those stories have more depth to them than AGAINST THE WALL did. I think the author has real potential to make an enjoyable series, so I’m interested to see how her writing develops from here.

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