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#Review: Claimed by @Stacey_Kennedy 5 Stars

Claimed (Club Sin, #1)Claimed by Stacey Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We all have our secret desires and fantasies that we can only dream of having, CLAIMED gives us not just more fuel for those desires and fantasies, but the feeling that we can make the dreams into reality. CLAIMED draws you in from the very beginning and leaves you desperate for more.

Presley is your sweet, innocent and too trusting best friend that is down on her luck. She’s recently kicked her boyfriend/fiancé to the curb after 8 long years together because she caught him cheating and moved in with her best friend Cora. Cora has discovered Presley’s secret desire and has talked Presley into going to talk to the owner of Club Sin, Dmitri. Presley is scared and afraid but knows she desperately wants to face her desires and see if it really is what she wants and not just a fantasy. She knows Cora is a member there, so it has to be safe.

Dmitri is the owner of Club Sin as well as a casino on the strip in Vegas. He created Club Sin by his rules so that he could have the lifestyle and private life he so desired without the worry of things going wrong. Club Sin is a Dominance / submission club that you can only join by invite only. Dmitri hasn’t had a submissive in years, but something about Presley makes him break all of his rules.

Presley joins Club Sin and Dmitri becomes her Dom. He slowly introduces her to the lifestyle of BDSM and takes the time to find out what her limits are. He knows they’re both working well together like they’re a perfect fit but he’s trying not to dwell on it. If he does, he might have to admit that she could possibly be more to him than just another submissive. Presley breaks some of the rules and has to learn the hard way why you listen to your Dom but she takes it well.

Like every love story there is a curve ball. Presley is unable to stand up for herself, especially when it comes to her ex-boyfriend and how he hurt her. Dmitri finds a way to help her discover her inner strength so that she can love herself and trust herself enough to not allow the ex to continue to hurt her. But he has to get her to do it not because he ordered her to, because she won’t put up with it anymore. Dmitri doesn’t feel that dominance and submission play should ever leave the bedroom. Dmitri says the right things and Presley realizes Dmitri truly sees her and he has settled the part of her that feels like she needs to please everyone. Presley finds herself becoming a stronger person and happier as well. Now they just have to take the next step and go from being in just a dominant / submissive relationship to even more.

CLAIMED was amazing from the first page to the last. The story flowed smoothly and had characters that were relatable in almost every way. I would definitely read more by Stacey Kennedy. If I had to find something I didn’t like it would be how fast Dmitri switches from calling her doll to calling her love. But that’s so minor that it didn’t affect the quality of the story in the slightest.

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