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Blog Tour Review & Excerpt: All Wrapped Up by Braxton Cole

All Wrapped Up by Braxton Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mari and Luca delve further into their sexy wish lists in the second book in the List series, ALL WRAPPED UP.  Braxton Cole does a great job of making sure Mari and Luca stay true to their characters and to the relationship they have.   The writing flows well and the characters are three-dimensional, something not all novellas accomplish.

Mari and Luca decide to finally have their threesome and they ask Rachel to be the third.  I did question whether it was a good idea to involve Mari’s best friend in a threesome before she’d at least experimented with someone she didn’t stand to lose so much if things went south – but maybe that’s just me.  I’m very jealous. *shrugs* What? I am.  I would have been worried I’d get pissed halfway through and think Luca was looking at Rachel too much or making me sit on a chair in the corner while they had all the fun.  I have to give Luca props – he was great at making both women feel included, I’m just saying if I were Mari I might have been worried he wouldn’t – it was his first time too.  Or what if things were awkward after.  That could really destroy a friendship and a business and for two people who’d never tried this before, I thought that was rather naïve of them.  But that’s just me.

The other kinky explorations seemed completely realistic and legit and I was glad to see Mari and Luca continue what made them so enjoyable in BIRTHDAY WISHES – their hot and steamy sex scenes.  I lost a little of my passion for Luca – he seemed less present in this book because it was mainly about Mari dealing with her feelings and whether she was ready for the steps he was asking her to make.  That disappointed me since the other thing I loved about BIRTHDAY WISHES was how sweet and endearing Luca was, I wish I could have experienced more of him in this book.  But I like what Braxton Cole did with their relationship and with their progress.  I was a little surprised that they still weren’t talking on the phone during the week other than by text – especially since Luca is pushing for the two to move in together.  I would think moving in together would come well after talking during the week – so that seemed odd to me and perhaps the least realistic of the scenarios, but again, it all worked out in the end.

All in all I gave this 3.5 stars because I really enjoyed the writing, the story, and the characters and I’m excited to read what else Braxton Cole may have up her sleeve!  

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All Wrapped Up is Book Two in The List Series.

Mari and Luca continue to work through their list of sexual fantasies in All Wrapped Up, Book Two in The List Series. They've abandoned their original plan of no strings attached and, for the most part, Mari's learning to be okay with it. She definitely likes Luca's strings (and whatever else he might use to restrain her), but she's not sure she's ready to take the next step in their relationship. Luca, sweet, strong, commanding Luca, insists that it's time to move in together. Mari insists it's time to relax and enjoy what they share without complicating things.

With every moment they spend together, Luca shows Mari how good they could be together. Will Mari run away from her emotions, or does Luca have her all wrapped up?

All Wrapped Up is a novella length erotic romance and contains mature adult themes, including graphic and explicit sex.

Author Bio:

Braxton Cole lives in the Pacific Northwest where she spends most of her time holed up in her office writing stories. When she's not writing, she can be found riding her bike, hiking the fabulous local trails, chasing her kids, or wishing that her thumb was a little more green. She has a bad habit of killing what she tries to grow, but hasn't given up hopes of one day being a successful urban farmer.

Braxton writes erotic romance because romance is the stuff that makes life great, and sex is fun. The two belong together, both in life and in fiction.

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“Are you just going to watch?”

Luca moved behind her and released the clasp on her bra. He eased it off her shoulders, then circled her chest to cup her breasts in his hands. She gasped and let the bra slip off. It floated to the floor and landed on top of her dress. Luca caressed her, adjusting his grip to squeeze her nipples lightly between his fingers.

“What do you want me to do?” Frankly, watching Luca work her up so quickly was causing the most delicious reaction in my body. My stomach and cunt clenched with every stroke of his fingers over her nipples. When she whimpered and rested her head back against his chest, my pussy flooded with new arousal.

She rolled her head side to side, but didn't answer.

“I want you to kiss her.” Luca plucked at her nipples, pulling them taut and rolling them between his fingers hard. “Here.”

I stayed in my seat. As much as I wanted to please Luca, I needed to know Rachel was on board, too. “Is that okay with you?”

She nodded, the movement jerky and enthusiastic. “Yes,” she moaned.

I stood and loosened the belt on my robe. I let it slip from my shoulders and down to the floor as I took the few steps to close the gap between us. When I reached them, I stretched up to kiss Luca first. What I intended to be a quick peck hello escalated when he slanted his mouth against mine and licked at my bottom lip. I pushed my body close to Rachel’s, Luca's hands pinned between us, and let him kiss me as he wanted.

Rachel clutched at my hips and dropped her head against my shoulder. She moaned in my ear as her nails scraped against my flesh. Luca adjusted his hold until he could grasp both of our nipples at the same time. He pressed them together and rolled them against each other. Fire shot from my nipples to my cunt and I bucked against Rachel.

“Fuck,” I groaned into Luca's mouth, then pulled away with a gasp when he did it again.

Luca smiled at me over Rachel's head, then circled his hips against Rachel, forcing her tighter against me. He lowered his eyes, drawing my vision down with his. The sight of my breasts pressed into Rachel's was completely erotic. No wonder guys fantasized about two women together.

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