Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: Decadent

Decadent by Shayla Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although I liked the first book in the WICKED LOVERS series, WICKED TIES, this second book in the series, DECADENT really kicked my lust and desire for more into overdrive!

Two cousins, Deke and Luc share everything from their home to their women and are hoping to find a woman who will want to settle down, have a family and live as their wife. The two big questions are: How are they going to find a woman who would be open to this far from traditional type of relationship? And once they find her, how to broach the topic without having her run away from the perceived depravity of idea?

It's almost like fate intervened when the virginal, pale skinned, red head, Kimber shows up on their doorstep asking for them to teach her "how to have sex like they do". Errr... it's not every day that something that fantastic quite literally lands on your doorstep. So, what's she mean, "to have sex like they do?" Well, she pretty much wants to submit to their will and be the meat in their hot and sexy, beautiful man sandwich. From that point on, their lives as they once knew it was forever changed. And what a GLORIOUS change it was!

I fell in love with Deke in book one. Deke brought the tenderness I was longing to see Jack show Morgan, so, what happened to my deliciously doting Deke? He turned into a scowling devil--just like Jack was in "Wicked Ties"! I suppose that is what happens when "kittens" start to tame the beast.

Although the ultimate HEA is somewhat predictable, the plot as a whole in this book had a lot more depth and took several interesting turns that kept me wondering what might be lurking around the corner until the very end. I love this book and if you like ménage reads, then you are guaranteed to love it too!

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