Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Vacation

Vacation by S.J. Lewis

From the author of the BEST SELLING FEMALE PREY. When Claudia leaves the police force to start her own private investigation agency, her partner Dianne decides to make their brief vacation memorable, starting with a playful three way between the two and Dianne's boyfriend. The action quickly escalates when Claudia returns to the vacation bungalow to find Dianne naked and handcuffed with four men waiting to take both women in a hot gangbang. 

The next days are intense, demanding and erotic beyond anything Claudia has experienced, exactly like the intimate sexual fantasies she shared with Dianne. Claudia's bound and forced to serve all of the men, in a wild free for all of sexual submission. When it ends, Claudia vows to put the reckless vacation behind her, but she can-t stop the memories from turning her on. When her favorite of the group, Sam, shows up, her resolve begins to crumble as she-s tempted to take the plunge again and dive into her kinky desirse. Bondage, gangbangs and hard sex combine in this wild ride of sexual pleasure. BSDM erotica.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a first by this author and I really enjoyed it! Call me crazy, but I am not usually partial to erotica written by male authors, but I am beginning to change my mind about that!

Contrary to my preconceived thoughts about male authors, Lewis did a wonderful job with character development and I loved the way the story played out. The story starts out with a hot and steamy non-con fantasy that I really enjoyed. The story was told over a period of a couple of years which was an aspect that was particularly pleasing - erotic reads tend to be a little on the quick side, but not this one!

If you like non-con fantasy, kidnap fantasy, gang bang and menage...oh and I can't forget a little female-female action...then you should get this book!

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