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Review: The Art of Domination

The Art of Domination (The Art of D/s, #2)The Art of Domination by Ella Dominguez
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Ella Dominguez doesn’t hold anything back in THE ART OF DOMINATION. While a lot of recent BDSM novels focus on the Domination and Submission aspects of BDSM and tread lightly on the more taboo components, Ella delves deep into the Sadism and Masochism facet in the second book in The Art of D/s series.

THE ART OF DOMINATION picks up where the reader left off with THE ART OF SUBMISSION, but the reader will notice some major changes in this book from the last. While the reader still gets to hear both Dylan and Isa’s perspectives, this time they pick up where the other left off instead of repeating a scene from the opposite point of view. I thought this was a smart move on the author’s part as now the reader gets the best of both worlds. We still get to hear from both Dylan and Isa but now the story flows seamlessly with no interruptions or backtracking.

The second major change is Dylan. He lets Isa see the real him in the sequel, for better or worse. For those readers who like a little light BDSM in their reading but are uncomfortable with the darker points, I should mention that the beginning is a bit shocking in that Dylan doesn’t hold back when he’s showing Isa all of who he is and what he likes. After the wedding night though, the author really brought back the nuances of Dylan and Isa and what makes their relationship work. As a result, I didn’t mind the harsher punishments or scenes after that, quite the opposite. I just needed that little extra time to get back to them first.

The story has a great action-filled plot to go along with the growing, evolving relationship between Isa and Dylan and one I enjoyed very much. The real bread and butter for me though was the ending, when Dylan was SO open and broken at even the idea of losing Isa. The way he spoke to her when he thought he might lose her was so beautiful, so perfect, I almost wish it could have been at the beginning instead of the end because OH MY GOODNESS it made me want to read more!!! But then, it wouldn’t have made sense in the beginning and it certainly leaves the reader panting for book three. All in all, I thought THE ART OF DOMINATION did a great job depicting a truer, darker perspective on BDSM.

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