Sunday, November 18, 2012

ATTN: Fictionwise Buyers!! We Want You!


Join the #1 Erotic Lending Group on the Web!  Google search and see for yourself!

Since you will not be getting the killer deals at anymore, you can share your lendables and borrow for FREE when you join Bookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

You must have your transfer to B&N completed by December 21, 2012. You can also download from FW to your computer if you do not have a Nook or Nook app. 

This group is fun and the members are awesome - we currently have over 7000 different books to lend! Don't worry about the initial set up, you have a month to do it and instructions are provided. We have plenty of people here to help! 

 Here is a rundown on the BASIC criteria to join - you will be sent the full pre-requisites once you request membership. Space is limited, so don't delay! 

 1.) Is your device is registered in the United States? 

 2.) Do you have 30 or more legally lendable books (not previously offered as freebies)? 

➤ You understand you must set up your "account" to our specifications (instructions provided) within 1 month of approval or you will be removed. 

➤ You understand that lending interaction is imperative, so "lurkers" are really not an appropriate member - this type of member will be removed from the group. 

 There is no need to set up a personal lending shelf unless you already have one - you will be setting up a shelf in the group shelving system. Please be prepared to provide a list of 15 of your best lendable books - you will not need to send this until AFTER I send you the full pre-requisite letter :-)

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